Cougar Minos X5 Review Made Me Think About Gaming

Discovering a review on the Cougar Minos X5 made me thinking about becoming a gamer.

Not because I like gaming, in fact, it is not my thing, but because I wanted to look into the science of how one can improve in gaming (particularly for FPS games and getting the perfect kill shot).

Essentially, if someone is not into gaming and can improve, imagine what someone who loves gaming can achieve?

I wanted to combine practice (muscle memory) along with implementing the best hardware and hoped the combination of two can help better my somewhat limited skills.

Things I am going to test out:

1) Does the 2000hz polling rate help with quicker aiming and shots (or is it cover kill)
2) Does the mouse design help with grip and sensitive movements, is it comfortable to handle for long periods?
3) How are the feet? Do they allow for optimum sliding?
4) Does the cord create resistance to movement (cord design)
5) How do the buttons perform when clicking (do they recoil adequately, do they make annoying nice)?
6) Does the wheel roll smoothly (how large are the increments on each click)

After doing a little testing along with physical practice, I will get back to you with the results.

In the meantime, if anyone would like to suggest other mice that can be tested out along with their corresponding software, then let me know